450 SEL

The Inspiration to ‘One Lap of Milan’ – a MB 450 SEL?

Corrected: The car used to make the infamous movie, ‘Rendezvous’ (1976), was actually a Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL.  Although powered by 6.9l V12, the engine sound used in the film is that of Ferrari added in post-production.  Thanks to Syed for the heads-up.

Found it!  I hadn’t see this video for several years – pre-Youtube days.  There’s so much wrong in this clip that makes it so right.  Apparently, we’re riding the front fascia of what sounds like a V12 Ferrari, namely the 275 GTB.  There’s little known about the driver other than he (presumably) has no respect for authority and drives with a bravado Kanye would be proud of.  The sheer speed in such narrow city streets makes this video equal the thrilling on-board camera footage of an  F1 racer in Monaco.  Hooning like this would not be repeated until some years later by the “Phantom of Belgrade“.

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3 thoughts on “The Inspiration to ‘One Lap of Milan’ – a MB 450 SEL?”

  1. hi. it’s not a Ferrari 275 GTB! “Rendez Vous” has been a source of great controversy over the years—-and in literature written surrounding the maker of the film—apparently the car used for the driving was a 450 SEL…i had read this several years ago when researching the video. cheers and nice blog—syed (iedei.wordpress.com)

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    1. Hey Syed. Thanks for clearing that up! I had always known it to be a Ferrari of some sort. Thinking about it now, only nutter a would risk his license and sequestering his 275 GTB like that.

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