Royal Aston Martin Volante

My Top 5 Posts of 2011

Yay! Another year end list due to lack of content to write about! (read: sarcastic).  Instead of a Top 10, I’ve decided to condense this list to just 5 entries in an effort to look back at my most viewed posts thus far and maybe learn something.  So, the top 5 most viewed posts of the year (since April) and here… we… go:

Coming in at number 5 – The Royal Wedding.  While I don’t like to make a habit of writing about an event I don’t personally attend – nor one I’m terribly interested in – I couldn’t help but notice the car used to whisk away the royal newly weds.  Royal blue and converted to run on bio-fuel for no good reason, the classy Aston Martin DB6 Volante.

At number 4 – My childhood memories of the late Aytron Senna were re-hashed with the release of the documentary, ‘Senna’, back in June.  At the least, it was collection of all the footage I had ever seen and not seen on his death, his life, his racing and more, put together in such a way to create a truly moving film.  It quickly became my most “liked” post on Facebook and fourth in views.

Number 3 –  Early on a Saturday morning in May, I arrived at Villa d’Este on Lake Como to attend the Concorso d’Eleganza for a second year in a row.  Walking out onto the grounds of the great Villa I was immediately confused –  I didn’t see any cars… at all.  The more I looked around I noticed there was barely anyone there either.  Then I spotted something across the lawn that looked like a giant green house, except there were no walls and no plants inside it.  The closer I got to it became clear what this canopy of glass was covering: some of the oldest, rarest and most beautiful motorcycles I had ever seen.  Unbeknownst (great word) to me, the organizers changed the schedule of this year’s show to include the inaugural motorcycle concours on the Saturday while moving the automobile concours  to a single day, Sunday.  Right.  Anyhow, my intimate access to these rare bikes, being able take pictures of machines representing over 100 years of the motorcycle industry, made this post a slow burner and taking it up to third in views.

The following day, I was back in Lake Como for the automobile concours.  This time I was sure to see cars.  As excited as I was to see some of my favorites in the flesh, I was more nervous to conduct my first-ever interview with someone I hold in high regard: James Glickenhaus.  The man responsible for the incredible the P4/5, a one-off custom Ferrari built on a Ferrari Enzo chassis, Mr. Glickenhaus was attending this year’s show with another of his dreams-turned-to-reality builds, the P4/5 Competizione.  Armed with my list of questions and my Blackberry set to record voice notes, I approached Jim (I can call him that now) who was standing next to his epic racer, watching over his creation like a protective parent at a playground.  He was just bent over, adjusting the kicked over number plate for his car, when he turned to me and said, people can be so clumsy.  His one-off, carbon fibre masterpiece was one of the highlights of the show and as such, a crowd favorite.  It didn’t look like he was going to leave the car’s side anytime soon so I decided to do the interview right there, next to the car, surrounded by nearly 100 onlookers.  A few days later, I thanked Jim again for the interview and sent him the link to my blog post which he in turn, kindly shared on his fan page.  Within hours, it shot straight to the top as my most viewed post and has since taken a close second to ‘Senna’ in ‘Likes’.

Finally, at number 1: The Ducati 1199 Panigale.  The buzz surrounding the latest offering from the house of Ducati, the pinnacle of road going superbikes, was turned up to 11 before its official debut at EICMA – the biggest motorcycle, parts and accessories show in the world.  The lack of any good spy-photos of the bike, which usually break cover well before any authorized release, made it the most sought after bike of the year.  Perhaps for the lack of footage (pictorial or video) from main stream motorcycle sources and the sheer popularity of Ducati, I’m still receiving views on that post from all over the world.  As of this writing, my Ducati 1199 write-up has more than double the views of my second place post.  However, it’s chalked up a grand total of one Facebook ‘Like’.  Considering my posts are open to all commenters – with no need to register – no one has said anything negative.  Go figure.

So what have I learned?  Blogging about something that’s popular and/or trending gets the views.  Obviously.  But then surprisingly, the historic motorcycle post, which talks about the least current bikes on the road, did make it on to this list.  The ratio of views to FB ‘likes’ is about 30 to 1.  Yet, in some cases, like the popular Ducati post, there’s barely a ‘like’ at all.  The posts with the most FB ‘likes’ though, also contained a human element: they’re both about men; their mission, their work, their life.  Themselves an inspiration.

These past eight months have been a great learning experience.  This being my first blog, I haven’t always been current and have made some mistakes along the way.  Yet, I look forward to 2012 with a new set of goals for myself and the site and hope to improve as a blogger and photographer.  I want to thank my friends and family for all their support and to anyone who has visited and commented.

Best Wishes for 2012 !!

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3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Posts of 2011”

  1. I somehow missed every single one of these posts, but reading your Top 5 definitely inspired me to dig through the NL archives. Is there a way to make your FB posts appear at the top of my feed? Because I seem to miss them frequently.

    Like this

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