Ferrari F12

GENEVA// Ferrari F12

Here it is – the all new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Ferrari’s new V12 was easily the star of the show.  Boasting a 740hp, 6.2L engine,  the new F12 Berlinetta is the new fastest prancing horse to lap Fiorano, Ferrari’s test track.

Tipping the scales at just 1525kg (dry), the F12 weighs approximately 55 kg less than the outgoing 599GTB Fiorano which it replaces and only 30kg more than the awesome 599GTO.  Although I don’t like to go on about specs and technical details (which can be found here) you can’t ignore how much Ferrari has raised the bar with this new grand tourer.   However, since this is the Geneva International Auto Show, not road test show, let’s look at the pretty bits. 

Starting with the back end, you can see Ferrari has gone for a more traditional sunken tail light design as with the twin mufflers pushed to the outer edges of the rear.  Similar to criticism I had with the new Ducati 1199 Panigale, I can’t help but squint at the black plastic rocker panel/ rear diffuser.  If it were in carbon fiber, I could close an eye perhaps.   I just don’t like black plastic as a design element in the rear or as rocker panels running along the sides of the car.  What I do like is the new, Formula 1 style, fog light setup located beneath the number plate.

The engine bay – ever more covered with carbon fiber.  You can see gaps made by the “winglets” on the sides.

The “winglet”: another design feature that is immediately evident, yet incorporated so subtly just behind the front wheels.  This element has been seen before on the 599GTB, where it was located on the C pillar.  One Ferrari staffer I spoke to said it was good for 10-15% more down force.  Measured, of course, by a down-force-o-meter.

Another look at the “winglet”.

The headlights are a reminiscent of the not so old Ferrari FF.

Swanky, custom Ferrari luggage, which I’m assuming is only made with the same leather as the interior.

I had limited but very much appreciated seat time and managed a few pics of the dash.  Here again, is Ferrari deciding to do away with a center mounted navigation screen in favor of a much cleaner design.  While I can accept that, I don’t particularly like the asymmetrical look of the layout – carried over from the 458 Italia.


The instrument panel is all digital with the exception of the tachometer which, as you can see, red lines at 8,500 rpm -  insanely high for a 6.2L, V12.  A V12!  The two screens flanking the tach would normally display all other pertinent info such as speed, oil, fuel, etc., as well as sat-nav.

Overall, I really like the new F12.  I like that it’s smaller too, and sleeker than the outgoing 599.  That’s all I can say for now.  Too much to post still.

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