Roding Roadster 23

GENEVA// Roding Roadster 23

Roding Roadster 23.  Where is the like button?

This hand-built, carbon fiber two-seater from German based manufacturer, Roding, is what sports cars are all about.  Lightweight, compact, rear wheel drive and enough horsepower to get her sideways – 320hp, coming from a BMW inline 6 (old M3?) 

Styling has been a major improvement over the last Roding Roaster 23.  Although some of the styling cues from the Audi R8 have remained (see front and rear slits), this roadster looks properly good.

It was explained to me that Roding makes extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) from the chassis to body panels.  This carbon-bond material, widely used in Formula 1, helps the Roadster keep its weight down without losing rigidity.  Roding is looking to keep the weight at around or under 1000kg.

There’s also a bit of GT-R in the front end.  On that note, I like the wide-body styling reminiscent of Japanese  Super GT series cars.

I really like the engine cover which incorporates the roll bars and rear air intakes.

The interior looks really well done.  Minimalist and business-like.

I think the world could use more roadsters, proper roadsters, not just chopped coupes like the 370Z convertible.  Hope to see more from Roding in the future.

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