POrsche Boxster

GENEVA// Porsche Boxster

The New Porsche Boxster.  Less weight.  More go.

Although the previous generation Boxster was regarded as one of the best handling cars ever, Porsche was still losing sales to rivals, like BMW, who offered similar products with more power.  So for 2012 the Boxster will see a slight bump in horsepower for the base model, 2.7 litre engine, up 10 to 265 hp.  The “S” model will receive the same 315 hp, 3.4 litre flat six as the previous model, however the new Boxster S benefits from a 30kg reduction in weight for both the 6-speed manual and PDK transmissions – 1320kg and 1350kg respectively.

Although slightly bigger with a longer wheelbase and wider track than before, the new Boxster still looks as sprite and nimble as ever.  The nose is a bit more Carrera GT and I like the rear lip spoiler incorporated into the tail lights.  The rest of car looks as clean as ever.

While many North Americans may find the Boxster small and underpowered by their standards, this is still THE sports car to have if you live anywhere near twisty roads and enjoy open top driving.  With its reduced weight and wider track, I can’t wait to see how it fares against the more powerful BMW Z4.

Full tech sheet here.

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