Hamann memoR

GENEVA// Tuners – Hamann memoR

McLaren MP4-12C + Hamann = memoR. 

German tuner Hamann, best known for their delectable custom wheels, stopped me in my tracks with this modified McLaren MP4-C.  According to the press release, the memoR set out to add elements of the legendary McLaren F1, elements of a GT3 racer, creating light shade contrasts as well as reducing concave surfaces.

While not changing any mechanical aspect of the donor car, the memoR does get a GT3-like, wide body kit with the addition of a new front splitter, side panels and rear diffuser, which also makes for “spectacular aerodynamic vents”, which in turn, creates contrasting light shades. Check and check.  The colour scheme and added roof intake do pay homage to the 1995 McLaren F1 Le Mans winner.  Check.  Reducing concave surfaces? I…. really can’t tell.  Let’s leave that one unchecked for the moment.

Large rear wing and triple exhausts ensures you understand you’ve just been passed by something crazy.

Love the wheels.

More info here.

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