Gilberto Cedolia:

While I’m still about 10 posts away from completing my own coverage of Geneva – a mission in itself, more so without internet at home #ISPfail – check out PetrolBlog’s posts which take a look at show from a different perspective.

Originally posted on PetrolBlog:

By now, you’ll have read all there is to know about the Geneva Motor Show 2012. You’ll have seen the scoops, seen the girls and will probably be approaching what they call ‘Geneva Fatique’. Actually, nobody calls it that, I just made it up.

So what can PetrolBlog possibly add? Well hopefully a different perspective. A different spin. I didn’t attend the launches and the lavish unveilings. And I’m afraid I didn’t pay much attention to the supercars. Instead, I decided to go in search of the interesting, the obscure and the downright ugly.

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