1942 BMW R75 Sidecar

At the top of the Salita Serbelloni in Bellagio (Lake Como) I spotted this super rare 1942 BMW R75 sidecar that looks like it was lifted directly out of World War II.

Rear pillion seat with grab handle.  Spade mounted to sidecar.

Not only rare but also seemingly unrestored, making this particular example extremely valuable.

Canister, canteen, blanket, storage compartments and spare tire – all original equipment left in place, in “as is” condition.  This really should be in a museum somewhere however under that sidecar cover was a box containing either a cake or an assortment of pastries the owner just picked from the bakery next door.

One of those levers appear to be for selecting the on-road or off-road gear ratios through which four forward gears and a reverse gear worked.  The other, to lock the rear differential.

Close-up of the rear differential that sends power to the outer sidecar wheel essentially making this R75 two wheel drive. It’s that sort of thing that makes it highly desirable.  So many details, such history.   I wish I had more time to shoot this thing.

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