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Link & Go 2.0

The Most Innovative Concept Cars, Part 2: Link & Go 2.0

#2 Intelligent: Akka Technologies Link & Go 2.0

This funky and futuristic looking van has no steering wheel.  Welp, that’s it.

Ok… there’s more.  As our world becomes ever more connected, networked, the term ‘individual mobility” almost seems to be a contradiction.  Like your favorite taxi app, Akka Technologies hopes to appeal the smart phone, urban commuter market with the Link & Go 2.0.  Hosting an array of tech like 360° cameras, laser scanners and hopefully,  a solid Wi-Fi connection, the Link & Go can act like an autonomous taxi, where the driver speaks html.  You simply hail it from an app in your phone, input the directions and off you go.

Inside, it’s more media room than car cabin.  Acting as a hotspot, you basically do whatever it is you do with Wi-Fi connection while moving.  In light of Google’s driverless car technology and similar to the Rinspeed XchangE, the Link & Go does away with the steering wheel altogether, leading to the logical end of connected vehicles: the car drives itself.  The Link & Go 2.0 is electric, too, powered by lithium-ion batteries, good for 200 km of range.  Instead of a single electric motor, there’s a hub drive integrated into each wheel, freeing up more cabin room.  It has the ability to navigate tight urban areas thanks to its four wheel steering and before it runs out of power, it can supposedly find its way back to a charging station for a top up.

Source: Geneva Motor Show, Akka Technologies, MBTech
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The Future of the Car is Driverless

… and I don’t like it.  Recently, I’ve seen a bunch of coverage about the “driverless” car of the future and the progress being made by the likes of BMW, Volvo and Google, each with their own vested interest in this technology.  According to these reports, which I’m reposting for context, a commercially viable autonomous car is almost ready.   I’ll get to the reports in a second but first watch this clip from Schwarzenegger’s “super-smash-box-office movie”, The 6th Day.  Skip to the 7:15 mark.

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