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The Story of Bizzarrini and the Oldest Porsche in the World

Locals Magazine

In this brilliant documentary, car collector Luciano Rupolo sheds some light on the lesser known history of the Italian automobile industry and how he came to possess the oldest Porsche in existence.

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European, American, or Asian? Pick your car!

The days of European dominance in the sportscar, and even supercar markets are over.  Today, the playing fields are completely level, thanks to the emergence and re-emergence of some of some incredible models from all markets.  Which do you think is best?

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F40 vs F50: Holy F what a rush!

Ever seen a grown man lose his marbles with excitement?  To be transformed into a child at the step of a pedal and scream out loud from sheer happiness?  Well Chris Harris does just that when taking two of Ferrari‘s all-time best on a track day at the famous Angelsey circuit.

The production of the F40 preceded the F50 by a full 2 decades, however as you can see in the video above, it completely steals Chris’ heart.  He expresses his full range of emotions whilst taking both cars on a tarmac tearing frenzy.  He also sits with Mark Hales, former racing driver and motoring journalist, and discusses the F40 then and now.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Credits: /Drive/